The World Wide Web is buzzing about our illustrated children’s sports books. See what people are saying about It Had To Be Told.

Media Outlets

Fox 12 Oregon | From top shelf to bookshelf, Timbers goalie finding success as writer

“We have ‘The Curse Ends: The story of the Chicago Cubs,’ ‘Cleveland Wins a Championship’ about the Lebron James saga, ‘The Greatest Ever: The Story of a Coach, a Quarterback and a Comeback,’ about the Patriots,” he said. “We have another one, too. it’s ‘The Great Space Race’ that is just a story about the race to the moon and less political and more about the back and forth that the US and Russia were doing.”

Today Parenting Team | The Best Children’s Books for Your 2017 Summer Reading List

“Written in rhyme with of mix of fantasy and reality, kids will appreciate the witty illustrations and incredible story, while older fans will appreciate the history and depth. The Curse Ends is a fun way to break from the usual fiction children’s stories.”

Portland Tribune | New page in the playbook

“Not surprisingly, sports have provided both inspiration and material for his work. Of his four published books, three are sports stories: “The Curse Ends” is about the 2016 Chicago Cubs, “Cleveland Wins a Championship” about the Cavaliers’ 2016 NBA title, and “Greatest Ever” about the New England Patriots’ improbable comeback in Super Bowl LI.”

Portland Monthly | When He’s Not Saving Goals, Timbers Player Jeff Attinella Writes Children’s Books

“Professional soccer player, new parent, and now a published author. Inspired by the birth of his daughter, Remy, Timbers goalkeeper Jeff Attinella went from being an athletic kid who wasn’t interested in reading to the author of four children’s picture books.”

MLS | Timbers goalkeeper Attinella finds new passion in children’s books

“Attinella released four children’s books earlier this summer, issuing three sports-centric titles, as well as another about the first moon landing. He’s published them all through It Had To Be Told publishing company, which he started with his wife and in-laws this winter.”

MLS Players Union | Off the Pitch: Jeff Attinella and ‘It Had To Be Told’

“I’ve always enjoyed writing. To say I have a background would be a bit of a stretch, but I always thought that being a sports columnist would be an amazing “life after soccer” job. Now that I’ve found my own way of bringing the two together, it’s been really fun.”

Deborah Kalb | Q&A With Jeff Attinella 

“Since our launch, we are realizing that these books are not just great for kids but sports fans of all ages. I’ve had dads telling me how much more they are enjoying reading time because it is telling stories that stir up an emotion and they’re getting to share moments that were really magical to them with the next generation.”

Video/Audio Segments

Life of Dad | Interview with Jeff Attinella

KPTV | Jeff Attinella: Saving Goals & Writing Books

Hello Vancouver | Jeff Attinella, Portland Timbers Goalkeeper and Children’s Book Author

NEWSTALK 860 | Radio Interview with Jeff Attinella

Published Reviews

Kelly’s Thoughts on Things | Stories That Speak to Sports Fans and Children 

“Sometimes you can just look at your child and know that they are a bit bored. Well, have you ever thought about sharing something special with them? I know of a great story you could share with them that they will love, and that is “Cleveland Wins a Championship: The Story of the 2016 Cavaliers.”

Kirkus Review | The Curse Ends: The Story of the 2016 Chicago Cubs

“Entertaining and informative—a rousing choice for young baseball fans.”